Optimize Your Marketing Strategy: 15 Marketing Experiments to Boost Your Business

Dan Kulkov

Elevate your business with 15 marketing experiments! From strategic pricing to influencer outreach, discover effective tactics to optimize your approach and boost success. marketing experiments

15 marketing experiments to run:

  1. Introduce an expensive pricing plan that makes your main plan look like a no-brainer
  2. Add a pop-up after 30 seconds to collect emails for automatic sequence
  3. Record 30 TikToks about your product
  4. Build a free AI wrapper that promotes your product organically
  5. Write 5 educational long-format tweets about your niche
  6. Send a limited discount for free users. Send an annual discount upgrade to your monthly subscribers
  7. Sponsor 5 newsletters in your niche (small and big)
  8. Set up Google Ads campaigns on relevant long-tail keywords
  9. Change your free plan to a 7-day free trial
  10. Send cold DMs to 10 influencers offering your product for free
  11. Find 20 questions on Reddit to plug in your product organically
  12. Ask your 5 most satisfied customers to record a video testimonial
  13. Call out your biggest competitor on your landing page (compare table)
  14. Record a free 30-minute video course as a freebie to promote your main product
  15. Start a weekly newsletter sharing your startup journey
Source: https://twitter.com/DanKulkov/status/1743100768159519013

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