How to make your first $1 on the internet

Justin Welsh

How to make your first $1 on the internet

The reason that making $1 matters is that it changes your mindset.

1. Talk to people

You can't make a dollar without understanding people's problems. Too many people skip this step. Go talk to your prospective customers. Find out what their top 2-3 most painful problems are. Can you solve them? If so, then...

2. Grow a small audience

Start sharing info and advice they care about. Tweet daily about what you know and what you learn. Show them you care about solving the problems they told you about. "Here's what I heard - here's how I'd fix that."

3. Build an email list

Once you have a small audience, then consider showing off more of your expertise. Start a newsletter or build a free guide. Offer it up and ask people to subscribe. Deplatform your most interested users to a list that you control.

4. Use easy tech

Tech doesn't matter in the beginning. Use what's cheap and easy, or what you already know how to use. Stop looking for the "perfect stack". It doesn't exist. Just get started - you can always change later.

5. Build an Offer

If you have a small email list, you need something to offer them. Go back to step 1. What was that big problem? Create a 60-minute program to walk them through that helps solve it. Price it reasonably & talk about it in your emails. Link to it.

6. Sell Something

If you've done all of this, you'll likely find a few people book with you. Does this mean you have a scalable business? No, of course not. But, hopefully you'll start experimenting & having fun. Trying new things. Congrats - you're starting a business!


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