How to hire A-players every time

Codie Sanchez

How to hire A-players every time Avoid these 15 red flags:

1- If someone obsesses about their title, they care more for optics than tactics. Titles chasers = clout chasers

2- They can't bring anyone with them as a new leader? Means no one thought they were worth following before.

3- If someone's calendar is unorganized and uncategorized... so is their life. Structured minds structure most things.

4- When someone is late to an interview, for any reason, ever, it's never worked out. Which is funny because I'm always late (red flag).

5- You interviewed someone before, they weren't right. So you gave them another chance. 9 times out of 10... trust your first gut.

6- When someone lists more than 2 jobs they have at any given time. No, you do not do 10 "board" positions simultaneously and well.

7- If someone has a new startup and a podcast? Immediate no. Grow the business, not your brand, first.

8- You walk into a startup founder's office and the walls are covered in articles about them... Don't invest.

9- They have a company with 3+ founders. That's a no. Too many cooks mean a disaster in the kitchen.

10- The founder prioritizes meetups and speaking events over doing the work. Ship product, then take interviews.

11- Someone refers to themselves as founder often & unprompted? No bueno. I started ABC company > I am a founder

12- A founder writes a slew of twitter threads while in the early stages of their non-media company. Run don't walk away.

13- A potential executive hire has a side hustle? Red flag.

14- You call all the references for a new hire and no one calls you back. Do a double take.

15- New hire tells you they have a competing offer to negotiate their compensation.


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